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Make Money from ClixSense by Completing Surveys

To take the surveys, simple click on the Surveys tab and check the available surveys to complete them to start making more money from ClixSense. You will get paid in the range of USD$0.30 to USD$2.00 for completing a survey. When you first sign up (Click here if you don't have a ClixSense account), you will roughly get about 2-6 surveys.

You will need to complete your survey profile to get more survey offers from various companies. You can find the survey profile at the 3rd column of the tab as shown in the picture above.
It will prompt you for some general questions like age, qualification, marital status, your hobbies etc, so that they will know what type of surveys will best suit you.
Not only you get paid on ClixSense for viewing ads, you will make more money from ClixSense if you are able to complete as many surveys as you could in a single day.

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